Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Quentin Compson

Caddy, caddy. Hattest du jemals eine Schwester? Hattest du? She smelled like leaves. And her skin and her surrounding always honeysuckle. I hate honeysuckle, i know i used to like it, but now.
Caddy. Dalton Ames.
Hattest du jemals eine Schwester?
Oh father i have committed, oh father. No you don't.
If i just could have a mother, then I'd say: Mother.

Und ich versuchte ihn zu schlagen, aber er war stärker als ich, er ist immer noch stärker als ich und meine blutende Weste und mein beschmutzer Kragen, obwohl er nichts war. Ihre verschmutzte Unterwäsche. Hattest du jemals eine Schwester? Caddy smelled like rain.
Wie es mich und dich in die Tiefe zieht, die Bügeleisen in meiner Tasche. The serene and patient and peaceful swirling of the water. I felt the letters pressed against my heart. And the clock ticking time away. The clock is a bloody liar. It's broken.
Father says time only comes to live when the clock stopps. It stopped. But time anyway is a liar.
Oh caddy that blackguard that blackguard
I must marry someone i must

Habe ich ihn getroffen, geschlagen, wenigstens ein bisschen vollgeblutet? Habe ich? Aber deine Nase, schau doch nach deiner Nase und deinem Hemd. Habe ich ihn beschmutzt? Habe ich?
Dalton Ames. Oh father i have committed incest. No you didn't. Oh father. Virginity is an invention by men and time will heal us all. I touched her throat and could feel her heart beat regularly, patiently. Do you love him. I could feel her heartbeat. She smelled like honeysuckle.
Will you look after father and jason and benjy, will you Harvard Boy
Caddy that blackguard?
Benjy was under the box in front of the kitchen window bellowing bellowing
And the serene depth of the water, the bridge bowing above peacefully thought thoughts. The best thought of all.
Oh father i have committed incest, oh father i have committed suicide. No you don't. Yes i will.
If i could just be a hell beyond that: the clean flame, the two of us more than dead.

Wir beide mehr als tot, und Benjy, dahin, wo uns niemand kennt, Jason hat einen praktischen Sinn.
The Honeysuckle stopped. All stopped. Non fui.Sum.Fui.Non sum

inspired by and with words from William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

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zauberschöne, sehnsuchtstrunkene,...
zauberschöne, sehnsuchtstrunkene, traumvolle worte......
Ole (Gast) - 14. Januar, 18:08
tous les hommes sont...
klingt nach simone de beauvoir. gelesen?
queen of maybe (Gast) - 21. Juli, 23:45
dankesehr =)
dankesehr =)
chaosmaedchen - 11. Juli, 13:53
They only wish to be...
They only wish to be young forever. I'm stuck in it.
chaosmaedchen - 11. Juli, 13:52
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