Montag, 16. November 2009

fall born

For days i have let fresh air
stream into my chambers
Doors shall be open
For winter's icy grasp
Breathe and freeze no more

Watched the Lord fold all trees
And here, in the Wuthering Heights I newly sow them
Scatter the seeds in the wind
Let carry them into world's angles
Thence comes the singing, always eternal singing.

I have heard heartbeats ebb away
And trusted my own no longer
I have beheld hands age
Till skin strained no more
Death is the king of the summer blossoms.

Let Winter come in
Open the flood gates
Open your windows widely
Let the ice brake the chains
Which could not be broken in life.

Cold lost all its needles
And only kept ist briskness
It only shows life's patterns
In his millions and millions of flakes
Kaleidoscope of this being.

Every beam of broken light
Reveals the next piece
Of a new world
Of a new day.

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zauberschöne, sehnsuchtstrunkene,...
zauberschöne, sehnsuchtstrunkene, traumvolle worte......
Ole (Gast) - 14. Januar, 18:08
tous les hommes sont...
klingt nach simone de beauvoir. gelesen?
queen of maybe (Gast) - 21. Juli, 23:45
dankesehr =)
dankesehr =)
chaosmaedchen - 11. Juli, 13:53
They only wish to be...
They only wish to be young forever. I'm stuck in it.
chaosmaedchen - 11. Juli, 13:52
zuckerwattewolkenmond - 10. Juli, 20:15




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